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Panoramic Elevators / Glass Capsule Lifts
Traction Panoramic ElevatorsPanoramic elevators, designed for their view, are usually installed on the exterior face of the building or in the lobby and are specially designed to add a dramatic element to the architectural design of the building thus giving the building an impression of elegance and comfort.

Our range of panoramic elevators is available in variety of designs and finishes to suit different architectural & aesthetic needs.

Salient Features
» Really attractive and can be called the ornaments of a building for they enhance its beauty and bring life into it
» Speed - upto 2mps
» Can accommodate from 4 persons to 16 persons
» Needs specialized knowledge and state of the art technology
» Different options pertaining to their design are available
» Different customized options for bottom, roofs and cabin exteriors.
» Traction machine based
» Includes all latest available passenger safeties
» Optional Glass doors give capsule lifts a world-class look.

Factors responsible for increase of application of panoramic elevators:
» Stylish - Architectural conception in combination with complication of modern technology of elevator.
» Commercial benefit - Strategically correctly located, a panoramic elevator attracts business, by promoting the status of the building in the eyes of visitors and clients through an external attractiveness and absence of discomfort which may exist in a normal closed passenger elevator.

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