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Installation of New Lifts
When concepts are being developed for a new lift installation project, it is the perfect time to contact Aetis Elevators. We are the ideal partner to employ throughout the design phase. Our consultants are current with the latest on what is happening with technology, manufacturers, regulations and design trends.

We can guide you on all aspects of the civil construction of Lift Hoistway, Precautions that you should take, circumvent common mistakes that can occur and thereby ensure that you have a perfect hoistway of the right dimensions in which your dream lift can be installed. Otherwise it is quite possible that you have to make a compromise on the lift size/ features to accommodate a standard lift in a non standard hoistway.

We can also suggest space saving designs for shaft size as well as machine room size which is worthwhile to you only if you have this information at the design stage

Aetis Elevators will make your new lift installation project planning go more smoothly and our involvement will guarantee a lift that meets everyones diverse and demanding standards.

Upgradation & Modernization
AETIS ELEVATORS is fully geared to take up all your up gradation/ modernization needs. Nothing is too small or too big for us. From minor things like replacing your worn out lift car flooring or repainting your lift car or installing a emergency light in lift car, to replacing your entire lift wiring and lift controller or even the entire elevator.

Improve the safety, comfort, code compliance and efficiency of your vertical transportation system with our elevator modernization and upgrade services.

An elevator upgrade can add value to your building and ultimately save you money. Newer equipment, fixtures and parts are typically safer, more energy-efficient and less expensive to repair than their more antiquated counterparts.

Whether you want to modify the aesthetics of a cab or need an entire new elevator installation, our mechanics will a design cost-effective solution. Most of the time clients who currently have an elevator do not require a completely new installation. We can work with your existing equipment and upgrade your elevator so that it performs better, uses less energy and is more comfortable and attractive.
An elevator modernization project can include upgrades to:

» Cabs
» Controls
» Mechanics
» Jacks and cylinders
» Door systems

We also can also modernize your elevator in order to comply with State codes. Call us today at 09811794057 for a free estimate, consultation and more information about our elevator modernization, installation and upgrade services. We look forward to hearing from you.

RIPS Services
Our RIPS program is designed to offer you Regular In-Process Services for Preventive maintenance. AETIS ELEVATORS is striving to bring you true preventive maintenance and not just call back service. This means your elevators will have less down time and will last longer.

Our elevator technicians are specialists at examining your elevator equipment and making adjustments or replacing minor worn out parts before they can cause major problems. It doesn't matter if your elevator only runs once a week, or non stop all week long, AETIS ELEVATORS has a service plan to fit your needs.

The constant day to day activity of elevators puts extreme wear and tear on the equipment. With proper maintenance, we have found that we can minimize the need for repair to a certain extent. However, there comes a time when a part or system has to be repaired or replaced entirely.

Repairs come in all sizes. Some are large and require lots of man and machine power while others are quick and seamless, never even impacting the flow of traffic in your building. With the customer in mind, we always attempt to find the most non-invasive way to resolve the problem. Our technicians are ready to step up and take responsibility for the best solution. Experience is the greatest asset. Ask our customers what they value most in AETIS Elevators and youre likely to hear their experience which explains why they entrust their repair business to us.

Common Repairs
» Door belt adjustment
» Automatic Door Coupler replacement
» Door contacts which guarantee electrical interlocking of doors
» Door Motor/Door Drive
» Infra Red full length safety curtain
» Main Ropes
» Governor Ropes
» Brake Shoes
» Car/Counterweight shoes liners
» Car/Counterweight shoes
» Electrical switches including final limit switches, Reed switches Pit safety switch etc
» Bearing Retrofits
» Sheave Regrooving
» Sheave Replacement

AMC (Annual Maintenace Contract)
Aetis Elevators Company provide timely preventive maintenance, effective repairs personalised AMC service and renewal of AMC at economic rates as against exorbitant rates charged by multinationals. Our personnel have wide experience in Lift Maintenance.

> Lift Maintenance Programs
Small Parts Maintenance Program

Scope of work:
Aetis Elevators will carry out the servicing of the lift/s during the normal working hours. Our personnel will check up the lifts installation and also clean, lubricate and adjust any parts where such service is necessary by providing the required lubricants and cleaning material. This service also covers the replacement of the following small parts including lock contact, floor reed switches, relay unit, gibes, bearing, pit switch, car gate switch etc. In general this service covers most of the parts whose independent value does not exceed Rs 1500/- each Repair and replacement of parts including Fan, tube light, mirror, door closure, landing door frame, bottom sill, car sill, machine, motor, rope, cabin, control, collapsible door, swing door are not covered under this scheme

Basic Maintenance Program:

Scope of work:
Our maintenance personnel will carry out the servicing of the lift once in a month, which include cleaning and lubricating material only. We will also attend the lift break down call as quickly as possible.

> Comprehensive AMC Program
Under this program Aetis Elevators will at its option, repair or replace any parts detailed in the following section which, in its opinion are defective. Parts will be furnished by Aetis Elevators on an exchange basis under which the replaced parts become the property of Aetis Elevators. However Aetis Elevators will not make any replacements renewals, or repairs necessitated by any obsolete or discontinued part of the unit(s) or by reason of any cause beyond our control (except ordinary wear and tear) including, but not limited to, fire, fire, explosion, theft, floods, water, weather, earthquake, vandalism, misuse, abuse, mischief, or repairs by other companies.

Some of the maintenance duties our technicians perform....
» Supply & install lubricants
» Examine & adjust as necessary operating & safety controls
» Lubricate guide rails as required
» Check all signs & lights, repair/replace as necessary
» Cleaning of machine room to insure cleanliness
» Compliance of all State, file, electrical & local codes
Check control panel & relay

Make any equipment recommendations for change, modifications or upgrades

Parts included under compre comprehnsive maintenance contract
» Hoisting ropes
» Machine including Worm Gear, Thrust Bearing, Drive Sheave, Bearings, Brake Linings, Motor, motor Windings.
» Controller parts including all contractors, relays, Solid State Component e.g. PCBs, V3F drive, Coils and other mechanical Parts.
» Car and Hall Mechanical Buttons, Car and Hall Position indicators, Car Direction indicators and Signal Fixtures.
» Leveling Devices, Transducers, Resistors, Condensers, Power Amplifiers, Transformers, Contacts, Leads. Car and cw1 guide shoes and linings
» Interlocks on Hoist way Door, Hoist way Door Hangers, Automatic Power Operated door operator, car Door Hanger, Car Door Contact, Door Safety shoe, Door guide shoes and rollers
» Governor, Governor Sheave, Shaft Assembly Bearing, Contacts and Governor jaws.
» Load Weighing system if provided and found working at time of taking over of lifts

Parts not covered under this contract
Bulbs, Tubelights, CFL Bulbs, fan and any other electrical fitting like emergency light, inverter, batteries, emergency alarm, mechanically damaged doors, door mechanisms, Fireman switch glass (if broken), mirror etc

Our clients have come to rely on the AETIS ELEVATORS Comprehensive AMC Program to assist them through the sometimes intricate and complicated process, of lift maintenance. We are sure that after you work this program for a year you are going to feel the same way. To speak with a qualified AETIS ELEVATOR representative call: 09811794057

Dismantling of Old Lifts
You are looking to replace your 20+ year lift with a new one, maybe a branded one, like OTIS, KONE, SCHINDLER, THYSSENKRUPP etc. and you need to dispose of the old one. We can be of great help in such a scenario. We shall not only dismantle your old lift at a very nominal labour rate but also help you get in touch with people who are in the business of buying old Lifts / Elevators.

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